A six week course in simple techniques which can be learnt quickly and practiced at home.

The course will include:

  • Yoga Nidra – a technique of deep physical, mental and emotional relaxation proven to reduce anxiety, stress and tension and promote greater well being
  • Using the breath as a tool to calm and focus the mind

  • Mindfulness and meditation to connect with the freedom of the present moment and to learn to accept ourselves as we are
  • Using sound as a tool to energise and focus the mind

  • Themed weekly sessions

Meditation is widely accepted by health professionals the world over as a means to developing greater mental and physical health.

These techniques enable us to:

  • Become familiar with how our mind behaves and how this affects our feelings
  • Explore ways of freeing ourselves from old thought patterns
  • Stop judging ourselves
  • Live in the present moment

Maximum benefit will be gained if there is commitment to the process and continued practice during and after the course.